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Urinary/Incontinence Issues

Travel Health Certificates

Therapeutic Massage with Kelly Gann In-Clinic Laboratory

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Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - OFA

  - Digital X-rays Without Sedation

  - Patella Exams

  - Thyroid Checks

  - Dentition Exams

B.A.E.R Hearing Testing

Reproductive Services

​  - Breeding Consultations

  - Artificial and Surgical Inseminations

  - Caesarian Sections

  - Pregnancy Ultrasounds

  - Semen Collection/Packaging to Ship

  - Natural Breeding Assistance

Health Certificates

  - International

  - Domestic

Companion Vet 

Clinic     Clearview   

Companion Vet Clinic - Clearview is a full service small animal clinic. We are committed to providing effective, affordable care to beloved companion animals. We also specialize in services to assist responsible dog breeders.

 (360) 668-4810

Regular Veterinary Services and Specialized Breeder Services