Companion Vet Clinic - Clearview is a full service small animal clinic. We are committed to providing effective, affordable care to beloved companion animals. We also specialize in services to assist responsible dog breeders.

Companion Vet 

Clinic     Clearview   

 (360) 668-4810

Regular Veterinary Services and Specialized Breeder Services


Physical Exams

Urgent Care

Dental Care

Lump and Bump Removal


Vaccinations and Worming


Prescription Flea and Tick Control


Reasonably Priced General and Orthopedic Surgery/Cruciate Ligament Repair/Fractures/PU

Allergies and Skin Conditions


Urinary/Incontinence Issues

Travel Health Certificates

Therapeutic Massage with Kelly Gann In-Clinic Laboratory

And More...

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - OFA

  - Digital X-rays Without Sedation

  - Patella Exams

  - Thyroid Checks

  - Dentition Exams

B.A.E.R Hearing Testing

Reproductive Services

  - Progesterone Testing

​  - Breeding Consultations

  - Caesarian Sections

  - Pregnancy Ultrasounds

   -  Pregnancy X-rays

   . Artificial Insemination from chilled fresh   and frozen semen, including surgical implants

Health Certificates

  - International

  - Domestic