July 2018

Flea Season Is Here!


Keep Your Pets Safe From Getting Lost During Outdoor Activities And Due To Fireworks!!

10% Discount

On All Flea Products




    Thursday 7/12/18 - 10% Off

         All Dental Cleanings

     Thursday 7/19/18 - 10% Off

          Feline Spay or Neuter

      Thursday 7/26/18 - 10% Off

           Canine Spay or Neuter


Regular Discounts

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New clients receive a half-price exam on their first visit. We also have puppy, kitten and senior discount packages.

We offer a 5% discount for Seniors (65+), full-time active military and 4-H members.

We accept coupons from local shelters, humane societies, and recognized adoption programs.

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