New clients receive a half-price exam on their first visit. We also have puppy, kitten and senior discount packages.

We offer a 5% discount for Seniors (65+), full-time active military and 4-H members.

We accept coupons from local shelters, humane societies, and recognized adoption programs.

Regular Discounts

Spay&Neuter Month

March 2018

15% Off All Canine and Feline Spays and Neuters

Spring has sprung and with it comes breeding season!

By spaying or neutering your pet you can curb unwanted behaviors, such as aggression, and do away with messy heat cycles.

This also helps reduce long term health issues as your pets age, such as pyometra (infected uterus) in females and prostate problems in males.


    Thursday 3/15/18 - 10% Off

         All Dental Cleanings



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